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Photo shoot during " Back to my roots " recording

Costa Nicolas

                                               Costa Nicolas


With a musical career spanning over 30 years, Costa Nicolas has established himself as a highly respected and acclaimed musician. He first played professionally at the age of twelve, holding his own with musicians who were much older and highly experienced. At the age of 17, he joined "Adverse Edition", a prominent Jazz / fusion band, and at 19 years old joined world acclaimed Jazz maestro Johnnie Fourie. Other exploits include compositions and performances for USA actress Sharon Stone, Pope John Paul 2, Nelson Mandela, Saudi Prince, Isaac Hayes, All American Jazz Band, Jean-Michel Byron of “ Toto “ a host of session work for television and radio and his current group,” The Worx band ".

Photo shoot during " Back to my roots" recording

Farm building where Michael was shot 3 times from point blank range.

First article in the " Citizen " newspaper, November 1998 

Michael Saltino

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Michael Saltino

Early performances









Very young Michael with his brothers Kevin and Woolfie

               Eddie & Michael

               gigging at the

               Hillbrow Tower, JHB


Eddie Gratino

 in Hamburg, Germany


Eddie Gratino 




            News magazine

            Story Pg 1 only

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