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I thank you for taking the trouble to browse into my website and hope that you will enjoy the extracts of  my albums .

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Michael Saltino             


My musical career started when I was still a child, and for most of my life I lived on a farm near Leandra, Mpumalanga, South Africa. After many years of persevering and getting nowhere in the music industry I became very frustrated and decided to take decisive action to promote my music. We blocked the sewerage in Leandra to attract media attention-----and years later I inserted an advert in a national newspaper, telling the whole country not to pay for their TV licence------and after both these high profile events took place I was still getting nowhere with my music. Some of my earlier musical struggles may be seen on youtube, by clicking onto “The Michael Saltino Story” (duration=24 minutes,also available on DVD).

The main TURNING POINT in my life came on the 26th November 2007 when I survived a 5th armed robbery on the farm and was shot 3 times from point blank range. I believe that the only reason why I did not die was that G-d still had a purpose for me on this earth.

Thereafter I settled down in Edenvale (near Johannesburg), and started going back to my religion, which I had rebelled against while still a child------back to the local Synagogue. I started learning to read Hebrew again and fell in love with all the tunes that were sung in the Synagogue.

About 3 years after I had joined the small Synagogue choir we decided to do a CD project, mostly based on the beautiful melodies that were sung in the Synagogue. And the CD "Back to my roots" is the end result.

Thank you, Costa, for the passion you displayed in this project, and for the wonderful job you did on the musical backtracks of this album

During the course of the year (2016) we will be re-recording and mixing my  album  " Another chance to love " and at a later date, as well as my other album "Flying Away ". These tracks were mainly composed by the late Eduardo Gratino, from Zimbabwe.

It is now March 2017,and we have recently re-recorded vocals and remixed  the "Another Chance to Love" album .

Take a listen and enjoy !

email :  or  Cell 0825329066 (international +27825329066)


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